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  1. Support finally contacted me. I wrote a bunch more emails and they contacted me again. This time the support person even gave me his name. Anyway, they returned my old email and I was able to log back into the game using it. My Ntec was not returned
  2. Unfortunately that didn't help either, I even made a very simple password to eliminate the possibility of error, but the system still says my password or email is wrong. Support has been silent for 4 days, I've written three more emails to them but they don't reply. I think that I will not get access to my account anymore and it is very frustrating because I invested real money there and I have many memories with it. I will not create a new account because I don't want to go all the way back. I cared a lot about my character and I certainly won't be able to create the exact same one. It's a shame GamersFirst doesn't care about their players, the game is almost dead and they are making it even harder for old players to come back. Thank you for the tips!
  3. they keep ignoring me since yesterday. No answer, nothing
  4. Hey, everybody. I'm an old player and have been playing on my account for 12 years now, with long breaks. After a long pause, I decided to get back into the game and found that my NTEC Crimslayer has disappeared. I distinctly remember it having two slots and being permanent because when I returned to the game after a few years, it was still in my inventory. I can't recall how I acquired it, but I believe I won it in an event. If you can remember, please provide me with the details. I decided to contact support and explained my situation to them. Support asked me to link a new email and change my password to a new one after I provided them with all the necessary information, such as my birth year, account creation date, the characters I have on my account, my Steam ID, and recent transactions, in order to resolve my problem. I linked a new email and changed my password, but since then, I haven't been able to log into my account. Despite contacting support multiple times, they keep advising me to check my password, delete the cache, and try again. However, since yesterday evening, I've changed my password five times and still can't log in to my account. Support's responses are very slow, and since yesterday, I have had no access to the game. I am extremely disappointed that support is ignoring my problem, especially after I've done everything they asked. I believe it is the support's fault that I now have no access to my account. My account, as I mentioned, is 12 years old, and I don't want to lose it as it holds many memories for me. What do you advise me to do? I hope someone from support sees this post and helps me regain access to my account.
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