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  1. HiI am the owner of an APB Reloaded Account that I've sunk 196.2 hours into on Steam. I have a gamersfirst registered to an old email I still have access to. But I'm pretty sure I always used my Steam account which used to have that email but now has my new one I'm using right now. When I log in with my old email it shows no characters. When I click to sign in with Steam it tells me my password has expired but I cannot contact support to get an email or whatever it is I need to reset said password. I try to reset said password only to never get said email. It's an endless loop that makes no sense. I have sunk so much time and effort and love into this account with my main on it. I want to get my stuff back. P.S I never deleted my stuff. It should still be there. How can i recover it all?
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