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  1. Get paired with the right people and you can beat anyone. Have a drudge match and come out on top? Awesome. You beat a player you crapped on your legacy. Those are the matches to watch. Cheaters versus top players? We don't throw everything down because it's not smart to waste energy on bad people. You simply put them in their place and leave. 1 remote is all it takes.
  2. the best part was i didn't even press anything. it just was like thta cause you know Things happen for a reason in a bad spot? you probably put yourself there Try thinking it's you Blaming others? Doesn't ever work.
  3. We love what you do We like how you are Thanks for running the show I think OPGLing cheaters is funny cause they misbehave and deserve overon gameplay Love y'all Thanks for energizing me. My clothing line comes out in a month. Oh wait. It's already here. New wave Everything all at once We just simply know that's why they hate us But we love the game so much we keep on playing You might never play like us, but it's all good Peace to the homies See you in heck evil robots
  4. can i get a list of legit players this time? i'm tired of eseing FF bans on a list again. let's talk about ethug The day he got banned was the day FF came out We rejoiced. Legendary players? https://imgur.com/dNpnPgG Probably wouldn't listen to a person who gets slammed dunked. I got clips on clips. We all know who's doing it. Discs go in the basket. Guess who was bogie free today? Guess who shot the record over the 3 rounder? Guess who's going back to beat the score? Don't see y'all playing I see y'all posting Get out.
  5. team opgl is getting much better these days. watch out san paro there is artillery at foot
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