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  1. Hi there! I started again to play apb reloaded since 2 weeks ago,but last night (Eastern European time), i played like all the day, but at night, a had a random crash! What could be the problem? And today i had 2 more random crashes! Thanks!
  2. Yes, i can not buy anything, not symbols,not any other category of items.I know the trade lock message,i had it in the past, but i didn't saw it this time.But on the other hand, it acts as if i have a trade lock,so that must be the problem. Thank you for the help, i will wait for 3 days.Cheers!
  3. Hello there! As the title says, when i enter the in game auction house marketplace and i try to buy a clothing item, like a buttoned shirt for example,even if i meet the requirements in order to buy that item piece (faction,rank,required gender) the "buy" and "bid" buttons are greyed,can not press them...What could be the cause of this problem? Thanks!
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