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  1. Luu


    i dont have an account on APB and i dont want one. so you let me to buy G1C coins for fallen earth (i bought 2440 G1C coins) and i dont have a place where to spent this coins. i understand you dont want a marketplace in game. ok. but in game exist rewards points. ofc we cant get reward points because we dont have a marketplace where to spent some coins to get reward points. why dont convert my G1C points (2440) to reward points? i will be more then happy to can buy some wardrobe unlock parts (unlock all doesnt exists). no marketplace means longer time leveling, longer time crafting, and an AH nearly empty. is this your purpose? to make the game harder ? it is anyway. or we are just subjects of a sad experiment, sooner or later the servers will be down again. as long we didnt put real money in game, we canot comment. why do we have reward merchants in game if we cant get reward points? just to remaind us it can be better but it is not? thank you
  2. i have atm 2240 G1C to spent in Fallen Earth. i cant find the marketplace. i dont ask for money lost when the servers were closed. i am happy the game is back. the game is back i am back too . it will be nice to have a functional marketplace in FE. so when this wonder will happens?
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