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  1. After having read the most recent Kickstarter update, I feel compelled to reply. I’m not sure if this is the right place or avenue to respond as this forum seems dead but here goes. I’m taken aback by the cavalier attitude with which the initiative-based turn system was abandoned. Why have you decided that the best solution to shoehorn and unwanted and unfun gimmick into the combat is to completely fundamentally change the entire strategy and core gameplay by shifting from initiative-based turns to team-based turns? At what point do you ask the question, should we abandon this gimmick as it’s clearly not feasible and, so far, has added nothing but frustration to the gameplay experience? A long time ago, this game was thought to be a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics. It hasn’t been that in very long time, perhaps ever. Yet, Final Fantasy Tactics is allegedly the main inspiration for making this game. Would Final Fantasy Tactics have been as great if it had team-based turns? The gameplay and strategy would be dramatically different. Everyone who backed this game on Kickstarter backed the game in anticipation of a game with similar fundamental gameplay concepts, like initiative based-turns. This is a core component of what makes Final Fantasy Tactics the incredibly good game that is. And I’ll remind you that that game is what inspired all of the Kickstarter pledges for this game. Any shred of interest I once had in this game is now gone. Please rethink this team-based turn decision.
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