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  1. 1 hour ago, Bruhd101 said:

    You should try one that fits the games graffiti Artstyle or something 

    Thats what i wanted to do at first, and somehow it turned into this mess 🙂

  2. 7 hours ago, Queen of Love said:

    Could be nice if loadout includes an outfit choice and characters mods.


    What if we could have different loadouts in a character section? Outfits, mods, themes, symbols.. 

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  3. This game seriously needs a new makeover. And i mean, Seriously.
    The old design is so boring and brutally mundane. 😄 😞 

    For now i only have 1, bad quality image.

    I could make more, but not sure if i should remake the whole game.
    Devs should really consider this after but first they fix all the core problems.

    If they like the idea, i'll remaster the whole game design.
    I still believe in them. ❤️ 


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  4. I've contributed a lot of ideas, maybe they will be used, maybe not. But money. Naah man. I need money to buy bread, i'm not paying for game stuff no more. Paid enough to this game already.
    I was never mad as the devs, i'm aware it takes time to fix this mess. Maybe there re better way to help the devs.




    On 1/3/2023 at 8:07 AM, Mokoezh said:


    Show the devs we really want this game to keep up!


    Already did that, by making like 40+ concepts in 2 months. Truly showed that i want this game to survive. That was my way of showing faith in devs 😉
    Money isn't the only option.

  5. I've heard that some others are cosplaying as him too. I want to see. Doesn't matter if the cosplay is done ironically. I'm interested.

    Me, personally, i've done it unironically. He helped to change my life, so of course i would do something like this. If i do cosplays, i take them seriously, and i don't care about being criticized for "this" character. 😆 




  6. I was thinking, that apb was being reloaded for far too long. If it actually gets revived and remastered, maybe it should have a new name? I thought, that most wanted fits the best. 

    And the new game could actually have a 'most wanted' rank, and only one player of each faction could have it. Idk, maybe you could achieve it by having most daily kills, or least deaths, or winning most missions, or something, idk 🙂

    And before you write a 'need for speed' comment, just know that "most wanted" and "apb" are crime related terms, so it has absolutely nothing to do with need for speed. 😁



    This was my first attemt to make a new logo. 🙈🤦‍♀️Looked way better in my head, i would need to make something better than this mess, but eeh... 🙂



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  7. On 6/30/2022 at 6:51 PM, Hicks911 said:

    I think you do a great job and should keep it up, I've only just found your stuff but I think it's quite inspiring. I'm working on some stuff too, we can only hope that we can help improve the game, if that ever happens it was worth it, screw the nay-sayers.

    You wanna collab? 😁😆 If you havent seen all of them, i can pm you all the links, there is quite the number of topics i've posted ^^

  8. I understand both of you. When i started, i had thoughts that im maybe wasting my time, but at least it was fun making them, + maybe i even made a name for myself, idk 😄 . If they hit us with some major update, i will be returning 100%, and with even better content. But if they wont.... i dont think i even need to say it... 🙂 😞 

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  9. Yeah, i did enjoy it. But i also wonder if others saw this as something useful and not a joke 😄 I know that even dev team saw them. Few individuals told me that its shit and a waste of time, oh well... Cant be like by everyone 😁. I never tried to gain attention, it comes naturally i guess, just tried to help the game. +, i'm dry on ideas... I wanted to make something actually good, but cant think of anything...

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  10. Can it even be called a career..? 😄 I dont know if i became known for making this stuff... I've made like 46 in ~3 months. People liked them, some didn't. I just liked doing it, asked for no reward, had to be absent for a certain reasons... And now i just dont feel the hype no more, i wanted to help with the game, but now it just feels like im trying to help revive an old wounded dog... Does anyone still want to see more of this? 😄

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  11. 21 hours ago, Andres007 said:

    i saw it, i saw ur post and i tought that u posted that idea too

    Maybe i will start doing these concepts again one day. But what for? Why have i invested my time into them...they are all burried down under other topics and no one sees them anyway 😕 🙂 

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