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  1. FunPlay

    Blue Screen

    The first photo is a "Critical" level." On 1 photo it is written that " The system rebooted, finished working with errors. Possible reasons for the error: the system stopped responding, there was a critical failure, or the power went out unexpectedly." https://sun9-1.userapi.com/impg/uTFrojK-8MKCmk7QOSc_OBIs0-U_Lk2R8TElKQ/2ky0FGd2nNA.jpg?size=1384x610&quality=96&sign=6ba10ec88922c9218ae64cc62a279eec&type=album .2 photos are up to the blue screen. The Level Of "Error" The previous system shutdown at 21: 02: 38 on 03.03.2021 was unexpected. https://sun9-37.userapi.com/impg/BcnpIvvtD-kp9uYIxf59yjsoOFJFn3p54xxAVg/QVcMxPJ1feA.jpg?size=1806x684&quality=96&sign=c8ab6f982803b7060fe8e09f5fa77a33&type=album
  2. FunPlay

    Blue Screen

    1 PC Ryzen 7 2700 NVIDIA 1060 6 ram 16 Windows 10 pro 64 bit 2 PC Intel 7 4710mq NVIDiA 860m ram 16 Windows 10 home 64 bit 3 PC Ryzen 5 2600 rx 580 ram 16 Windows 10 pro 64 bit The latest update is available on all PC graphic drivers are also updated to the latest versions https://clck.ru/TWV7P - this is all that is written when the screen is blue I don't understand English very well, so if you need more information, please write what you need: D
  3. FunPlay

    Blue Screen

    So I wrote that the problem is not only me. Two of my friends have exactly the same problem, and we have a different system, different configurations of computers
  4. FunPlay

    Blue Screen

    Hello. Sorry, I don't know much English. For this reason, I could not find information about my error in your forum. If someone has encountered or has an answer to my error, please give a link. My mistake is that on startup, APB throws a blue screen of death with this error (KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE ) And this mistake isn't just mine. My friends also have the same problem. We have different operating systems, different configurations computers, and one of the friends even has a laptop. But the error is the same for everyone and only at the first launch, after restarting the system, such an error does not happen for a day, the next day you need to start the game again, catch the error, then restart the system and only then you can go to play: D
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