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  1. i did give them all the transactions id they got save on steam ( and all of them ) and still they couldnt trace back the joker boxes so yeah kinda of a scam yeah my listen patootie been tought steam and nothing else most importently those kind of game with loosers as supports
  2. Well it was when the condor box was lauched and there is no point of me lying on the forum but im going to assume you think apb support is 100% right and i am trying to scam them but ty anyway ... No they did all this and my info where 100% correct and recognise the fact a hacker got on my account and the ip was outside France, he just couldnt find register from the boxes 3-4 years ago which once again doesnt make any sense Happy to see i am not alone - they should be ashame of being such a bad support, ggot hacked on steam got 200€ inventory back in 48 hours - apb is such a bad joke at this point ....
  3. I really dont understand how there is no record of it as i got it out of jokers boxes cant they check that ? I not that good in that domain but they could check the register of the gun you get out of joker boxes ? Feel kind of easy of saying they dont have any register just to close the case but anyway this the end of apb for me im sad it ended this way..... No luck on this game i guess
  4. Hello my name is Aubin and there is what happen, First of all i know this isnt really the place to get this kind of help but support didn't really care about my case, So ive been playing the game since 2013, and recently when i login someone got in and stole all my legendries and my cash, This inventory represent over 200€ and for its really a lot and over 7 years of grind, The support told there is nothing they can do about it as "they have no record of any of this on my account", It doesnt make any sense because i had it and its a fact, I feel like being called a piece of trash, i stick with the game since 2013, brought people, brough money to update the game, And after all that i get scam by a hacker and support tell me its not their problem? This game is my childhood and has a lot of good memorie on it but i dont have the strenght to start all over again specially that i work full time now, I am looking for someone to help me, looking for a loyal apb player to help another loyal one, Thank you for reading and wish you a merry christmas and not a scam like i witness, Aubin.
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