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  1. Hows things. and wondering if the games economy really help people who want to have a more immersive impact in shaping the games activities. i get it, you want to run the car company selling scheme all by yourself, so any one start having bright idea, get ban for selling car. maybe that wasnt LO time but i have to chest it. i was abused, ban, kick out, for selling a custom car... for 70k a custom car... no mod... my customer said yes... then ask for refund... some smart guy think i was wrong and ban me permanently... Shame on you! So i think having to have a bit of an immersive activity in apb is fun. Not that ripping of other player for their legendary is one of the common practice but grabbing an alig to gold district kinda fun. should have more off the field activities. Games should endorse people doing trade. and I cant believe they chose to believe a new player who never spent a single dollar on the account. Instead they ban my account that had atleast 5 years in and multiple legendary and so many stuff. so i think, its either a trap. Because the new guy was so keen into reporting it. Frankly i dont even know whats a custom car until i got to level 50 or so... this is what the team did before LO and i hope it died with them. ... game is great... the people in it... not so much.
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