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  1. I think the details added to outfits and buildings and such have been great but I think you've all probably taken the one charm from the game. While fixing the lighting all you've done is diluted the colors to almost nothing. All it was is white lighting splotches and it lost the one character APB had to it which is color. Which had warm lighting, yellows, reds, blues instead of just white Designs are surrounded by this game and to see how it could look in the future is kinda sad. Playing this game for 7-8 years and it doesn't look like a fix to me at all. I understand trying to make the game more realistic and add texture but I feel like there is definitely different ways to go about it lighting wise and configuration wise. Like many people have said I think the text should stay as it was as well, the new one just doesn't do it As well as the original UI should stay. Look foward to the next one
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