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  1. Thank you for your reply. The search results come up empty when searching for them on the entire system. Regarding the link you provided; I'm not quite sure where to look as I'm not seeing anything on there that seems related to my problem but perhaps I'm overlooking something and someone can point me in the right direction.
  2. Thanks for you reply! I have to occasionally reflash USB modems that have Huawei chipsets in them. Without the proper drivers that process doesn't function very well. I don't have anything to hide from the chinese government anyway as there's nothing of significance on this machine. Regarding reinstalling I'd rather avoid that because it would take me multiple days to reconfigure everything and I wouldn't even have the guarantee that APB will work again after it. Not to mention that I rarely play the game due to time contraints. I have been playing for a decade however and it's a great way of relieving stress that I would like to keep so any other advice would be welcome.
  3. After trying a few more options I have now been struck with a 3 day trade ban and as such will refrain from attempting any further at the moment. Is there no way to get more info out of Battleye? The message is very generic and I can't find any log files detailing which file exactly is causing the issue. It would be really nice to have a better idea of why exactly Battleye is having a problem..
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I tried to go ahead with the steps specified and have uninstalled X-mousebutton control. That unfortunately didn't help. I also tried to locate the AutoIT program in the task manager but there's no such program listed under the 'details' tab. Not whilst running APB and not whilst just on the desktop. Any other suggestions that could help my case?
  5. I've been away for a while (last time I played was about a month ago) and now I'm having real difficulties trying to run the game. As I've mentioned I'm getting kicked by Battleye for the use of AutoIT but I can't seem to figure out what is causing Battleye to trip. I've read some other posts on here regarding the same issue but I couldn't really find any information that applied to my specific use case. It did seem like the most likely culprit is some or other keyboard or mouse software. Both of which I have removed only to find out it still didn't work. I use a Glorious Model D (never installed the software for it) , Corsair keyboard (usually with iCUE installed) and a small program called X-Mousebutton control that allows me to rebind keyboard keys to mouse keys for older games (Unreal Tournament 99) that don't know how to deal with extra mousebuttons. Besides that my install is pretty vanilla. I'm not using a VPN, not using VmWare or any of the other programs that were listed as incompatible. I have uninstalled every program that I could possibly think of might have a relation to the crash but I'm out of options. Is there a way for me to figure out which file Battleye exactly is picking up so that I can delete it? I haven't found any log files anywhere and I don't get the pop-up window PUBG and Rainbow6 used to give me. Kind regards,
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