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  1. Wooooooooooooooa, you're still alive? Nice to see you around aswell, man! Yeah, I doubt I'll come back for the next two years, but still nice to see some old faces around.
  2. I was some months late, I guess? Haha. But I remember you, for example. We were part of Sovereign together, me, you, Tiberious and a lot more old people I don't remember really well. We were fellow Colbians. I remember you and your Blue/Pink outfit.
  3. I'm sorry, Little Orbit, but you probably made the worst investment in your company's life so far. The core problems of this game (that, in the beginning made me love it, but now I can't simply stand it) are still here. Threat segregation for NA/SA players is ridiculous at this point in time. I can't play whenever I want, wether with friends or solo, because there are simply no people playing the game at all in gold servers. Threat, to begin with, shouldn't exist considering how low the population is at the moment. I know most problems were not caused by you, but you still did inherit them, and the ones who could still prossibly play this game have been waiting for almost 10 years with no content addition whatsoever. I've managed to play a single mission in a Financial district after some hours trying, and that was it. I was done with the game again (for maybe 2 years or so or until the engine upgrade finally comes). I've sink more than 10k hours on this game, I've been one of those who were banned to Hoplon (when G1 sold the publishing rights to a brazilian company for SA players), that after then came back and I, after years without touching it, I'm really sad to see the game is, pretty much, the same it was back when I left.
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