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  1. Oy so cool when you standing in social district and got packet loss,after this you got disconnected and crashed...Really cool,maybe someone can answer me whats wrong with game?
  2. Yes, I know that this is already outdated. But on this video card I played GTA Online without any hangs or lags ... And no, this happens periodically, for example, yesterday I switched to high settings and everything was fine, also turned off Steam overlay, perhaps because of it there was a problem.
  3. nVidia Ge Force 250 gts
  4. Hello! I would like to know how long your game will freeze and give an apb error report? At first, everything goes well without freezes and lags, but after a while the game hangs tight and does not respond through the task manager, this can happen anytime, anywhere, for example, if you stay in the general area for a long time and move to another combat area, it stays stagnant and According to the requirements for the game, everything suits me, I play on average quality so as not to load the system. Advise me what to do, the game is excellent, but because of such situations, my opinion gets worse and worse ...
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