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  1. thanks i didn't realize that the trade lock is for 3 days. i just logged into the game for the first time in months, so i assume that's what it is. armas is fine. sorry for the confusion everyone.
  2. upon looking at the weapons within the marketplace, both bid and buy options are greyed out. checked clothing, symbols and themes and all of them are greyed out. so is this marketplace broken now? i tried to do a forum search and didn't see this being mentioned so i thought i should bring this to attention. maybe it's a glitch or a bug and i need to restart? but it's kind of weird.
  3. I actually got this suggestion by asking in district haha I did try it a bit. Oh thanks for specifics. I really think I need more control. How do you play with your elbow? I saw this in somewhere else and didn't understand how to do that lololol *facepalm* Ohh I see don't know if that helps me with NTEC play though but I tend to do this already with snipers. I do great with OCA/PMG but I find it boring sometimes? Cause it's the only thing I'm good at but I need to learn to track from med-long range. Ah true. I've faced a few OSCARs I failed to hit before LOL Thanks for more specifics. I guess I do need to force myself to use NTEC. Why not??? These game mechanics are so strange as it is a 3PS not an FPS. How many 3PS have you heard of or played??? It's funny cause I'm good at FPS but this game...trash. Thanks for even more specifics I'm enjoying this. I do tend to pick up NTEC FAR and Obeya in hopes I'll eventually have god aim. Thanks for that suggestion as well. I'm in a tight spot though and can't really afford 5$ on a video game right now. (THANKS CORONAVIRUS ) That's...interesting.
  4. Oh I used to main shotgun too but I got pretty trash at it lately. I've been playing plain ol' oscar no mods and I can see how it would help with one's accuracy but it can be annoying...especially against full autos. Oh thanks for the info. I looked up free ones and that one popped up but the one I saw had like ... bullseyes or something lol
  5. There was one that was free I THOUGHT that people kept suggesting but can't think of the name. Dragshooting? What do you mean by this?
  6. Thing is I do pretty good with SMGs it's anything else that I do terrible with. I've been trying ntec without mods but I think maybe I get too trigger happy? Idrk. Oh nice suggestion, I'll have to give it a try...I remember playing with it before and didn't like it but it's been sitting in my inventory dustying up... Higher than average ttk? Like what obir alig or something? The thing is I've spent so much time and MONEY (literally) into this game I should be good at it but I'm not. Although I thank you for the suggestion. Isn't there one that's free though? OOF. I put on Stabba yesterday to get my JKT mission done and I hated how long it took ._. It does have nice accuracy but being in Financial all the time with SMGs you get ripped before you can stun LOL
  7. I really hate to post this here but I guess since no one knows who I am anyway it doesn't matter LOL. I've recently started playing again. I've played on and off sinceeee...2012. So you'd think I would be YEETYEET pro skillz. The thing is I do have good strategies since I know the map so well but because I lack good aim I tend to just fail epicly. I don't even know if it's cause I'm putting pressure on myself to perform like max rank gold (cause I've played for so long) or if I just lack training/practice. I know a lot of people suggest adjusting DPI and turning off certain settings, well I've done that and I do aim somewhat better with the new settings HOWEVER. It is not as good as I would like it to be. I want to be able to actually kill someone with an NTEC instead of poking them sporadically and just being out shot. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any guns I could FORCE myself to play with so I can better my accuracy? I really want to play mid-long range since I'm pretty decent with OCA/PMGs... Is this a dumb question? Should I just keep forcing myself to use NTEC and cry????
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