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  1. Lol it's gonna be 3pm PDT before we can log in xD
  2. Same as just about everyone my friend... just be patient
  3. Ran around social before the server announcement they were resetting... that's all lol
  4. Yeess that's my biggest hope for the engine upgrade is driving is no longer laggy APB style xD
  5. Servers are resetting currently - said to expect 10 min downtime
  6. My wife is in running around social district right now, however I'm still getting the Error / Disconnected
  7. Same we're getting this upon choosing our character:
  8. Got to my character but then it said your character might be locked in a district.
  9. I'm getting: Error 11004 with username and password error code 9 with steam login
  10. Same - Can't log in here either with username and password or with steam login
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