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  1. i have 4 chars 2 of them max level ive playd in 2015/2017 and now 2020 i have experience
  2. a good example would be the Star old glory which is very similar to the Star LCR Pr1 and Pr2 but now the funny part comes, the Pr2 got removed and the old Glory is litteraly an upgrade to the free counterpart the Star LCR Pr1 Or just compare the "Dog Ear" to their Obeya counterparts Just aside from that you can buy an premium rocket launcher level up to demo rank 3 and get an OPGL and an OSMAW from there instea of leveling ur contacts up in order to get those weapons Quick note: I know that you can still beat those enemys with skills but still they have an advantage and thats the fact ((once again p2w also means progressing faster with money))
  3. i litteraly wrote the DEFINITION of p2w in my argument lol "that is enogh to win" you litteraly agreed that a premium weapon is better than a free one xD Think about what you say before you write hypocrit stuff like this - thanks
  4. p2w has many meanings, buying progess is one of those meaning and in APB you can buy progress and endgame weapons
  5. I suggest to extend the duration of the Free premium till the engine update comes out Matchmaking gets fixed! Why? -Matchmaking is litteraly unplayable for new players and premium gives them enough exp to level up even with many looses -Players can enjoy the game more till these horrible matchmaking days are over and the game is way more playable! -When the new engine is out player costumizations look better? then lets give all the players the chance to create one cool outfit without the boring limitations! -You give players a reason to stay till the engine update and this is really important because then the can invite way more peoples to the game! Why not? One reason you dont wanna do this would be that you guys want them to spend closely 10 dollars a month for a normal exp gain.. Just a quick suggestion about premium itself: Dont let APB die and be a p2w game like the old devs did this game got an horrible reputation for its weapons and premium stuff if you want to be honest with ur peoples then start with giving every player with not ingame money a fair chance to be as fast as others. Premium is in its own core an p2w merchanic because it allows payers to progress even faster than others! I think Joker boxes are okay and Kits and Vanity items but p2w weapons? a premium where everybody who spends nearly 10dollars a month gets more money exp and more costumization than others?! thats no good for an honest game guys! You could think about adding more vanity items and skins to the game or car kits that would be cool! (and no more p2w stuff) Would be cool if some higher up devs reads this and thinks about it and not just let it stand there Thanks for reading, Hikoto
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