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  1. Chavier

    Looking for clan

    Hey man Fell free to write me ingame email or whisper : Sharkasss We can discuss some requirements and visions
  2. Hey man feel free to write to my ingame nick: Sharkasss, we can talk afterwards
  3. Hello guys, looking for active members to our clan Retributi0N! With few friends we started to play together and we want to have more friends to play with, because we are not enjoying playing alone at all. So we are looking for new criminals, new muggers, new car stealers, etc. Everybody in our clan is gold, but its not the main requirement. We are playing on PC, on EU as criminals. We expect that you play together with us, you want to come and join our discord, so we can talk and have fun We expect from you that you will behave nice and respectfull to other players and other members of our clan. We are like family, we treat other people in clan like that, if you cant respect this rule, you are not welcomed here. If you are playing everyday you can come and join us with friends. We dont respect traitors, so if you just want to come and get anything, dont write to me at all. What do you get: We got create nice symbol, and we will give it to you in few days of beying in clan so we can test you. We can help you set your weapons, save and borrow you money on weapons if you are royal aswell. But in the first step you need to give something, then you can get anything, so remember that. We also got clan colours and designs if you want to use them, you will give hints how to do that if you will be loyal and 1 week in clan as active member. IF you want to join our party, our community and our criminal feel free to write to me mail or via whisper in game. To my ingame nick Sharkasss. Sharkasss
  4. Chavier

    Cant get to my account

    Thanks man, ye i write them week ago and nothing happen, so i will wait, thank you for saying me waiting time
  5. Hello guys, I was playing APB few years ago, and stop playing because there was many cheaters, now i wanted to play again, but i cant get my account back. The bad thing about this is i no longer have acess to my email account. Cant reset password, but i got there something about 200+ gold criminal with good equipments, so i dont want to play from the start. So please help me to figure this thing out, so i can play again. When i try to reset my password it writes me this : ,, We've discovered an validation error with your email. If you have an issue receiving it please contact us at support@littleorbit.com for more assistance.“ What can i do please, if i dont want to start from the very beginning? Thanks for fast reply and for helping me to solve this problém. Tried to write to official support, but nobody replied for 2 weeks, so i dont know when i will get reply. Chavi
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