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  1. So I played the beta between 8pm-9pm (Berlin Time Zone), and I had a lot of framerate issues and a bug (which is visual I guess). The FPS was between 10-100, averaged 40 during FightClub, and on Socia, it was 50. The In-game settings that I used: My PC Set-Up: Inter Core i5-6400 CPU 2.70GHz (4 mag) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 8 GB DDR3 RAM 64 bit Windows 10 (And one HDD) (Maybe my PC is too old I don't know) ------------------------------- The new Advanced Settings are great, probably one of the best new features in the game. Re-Enableing (or re-designing) the bullet traces were a good idea, making the silenced weapons (like ATAC "Watchman" or the OCA "Nano") somewhat stronger. With the new damaged, or low hp effect, the game becomes blury, which is not a bad idea, but it can mess up your aim, so I suggest taking it out. And also, Being shot by 2 guys, and killing one of them, makes it buggie for some reason. I had the effect for 1 minute long, and after I died, it dissapeared. It only happened once though, so it wasn't a big deal. But the FPS drop while using the firework launcher does make the game kinda laggy. Dropping almost 40-60 FPS/ shot. The FPS recovery time is almost instant. (Sadly I wasn't able to capture the exact FPS number, but it's lower.) The characer/car/symbol menus are broken. They have 2-3 FPS, and they won't increase, and high chace for crashing the game. Also logging in turns my caracter into a stick girl. After visiting the Wardrobe, the problem fixes itself. Well, that was my experience with the Beta. Hopefully the things I showed was somewhat helpfull. I would like to thank all the developers, who worked on it, hopefully you'll make it even better, and when it releases, maybe I'll be able to play the game with a stabil FPS.
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