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  1. free hoodie, just send me a mail in game @ epiphobia
  2. Hey everyone, I want to make a montage with everyones clips of them dying in dumb ways (I need small and quick clips) I'm going to make a montage where it starts with the APB logo at where it says "DEEP DOWN IN MY HEART, I STILL LOVE YOU" and the rest is going to be clips of super dumb deaths I need 49 seconds worth of clips (I actually may try to extend the song if I get more than enough) so toss them my way! POST LINKS BELOW song being used: INTRO:
  3. I was trying to see if it was still a thing because I really want to get the ACT 44 last stand
  4. hey everyone! I just found my really old retail box for apb, and I hadn't used the retail code, I found it on the back of the read guide but it said "code not found" do retail codes no longer work in 2019?
  5. I'm using advanced launcher and I have my characters, cars, and primitves to 1024, my compaq settings are set to only render characters up to 20 meters, same with cars and I got rid of ambient sounds with flaws config I get 130-144fps now, but I'm trying to find anything else that would help boost even by a little cons of being a designer ahahah
  6. I want to be able to play the game with good frames and also be able to design without restarting my game on high graphics what are some good configs/settings to keep 144fps and keep high characters/cars at the same time? specs: GTX 960 FTW EDITION RYZEN 1600X (4.2Ghz) 16gb DDR4 3200mhz ram
  7. I do graphic design/clothing design, I use my left and right monitors as trays and my top monitor for youtube most of the time
  8. never, I gotta see peoples setups change overtime
  9. show me your computer setups 1...2...3... go ! here's mine
  10. So I did the cupidhelper event with the questions in chat and I won twice but I couldn't redeem the second code
  11. here's a good look of apb gameplay in 2k19 to see how advanced apb has gotten (including AMAZING tracking)
  12. I've recently started designing again and I did a lot of stuff since new years shout out to kazma, karsill, tame, ben (AUS), and goabea for helping me out with designing to where I am now scope it out also try to hold off on the negative comments EDIT: Non of these are for sale I only do exclusives/single copy designs for players https://imgur.com/a/dublMer
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