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  1. OMG dude you are right. SO this is what happened. I had made a second account back in 2012 because my friends wanted to play in a different server, but i don't have any other character slots (or money). Of course that didn't last and I thought I had deleted the account (which turned out to be this one). Then some time ago I got pissed at Microsoft and wanted to delete my email from them (which was my main account's email) and so I switched all my accounts to a different email. But when I tried to retrieve the password, the site was glitching and said my account wasn't found or something amongst those line. So I assumed I had switched the e-mail for this account. Anyways I feel kind of dumb and need to learn how to close a ticket now
  2. HI; I just came back from a long break due to computer issues. Mainly my video card not being bale to handle the game. I try to log in and it tells me I need to reset my password. I finally get it to work and have my password reset, but when I log into the game all my charters are gone. 2 of which were from 2011. I spent hundreds(if not thousands) of hours unlocking titles, weapons, and etc. (I got the cop title on 2 of my characters so I could customize their cop hats, do you know how time consuming that is?) I also had some perm. guns because I bought the had copy when gamersfirst released it back in 2011. I've looked over the forums but haven't found a thread about the same issue. I placed a ticket but i learned , while searching through the forums, that there is a 20+day delay on ticket response. I also never got banned, which is something people mentioned might be the problem when I was looking for answers outside the forum. Is this an issue that others have had? Did they get their characters back? I know there is an issue about names, but i that's not a huge deal for me. I just want my titles guns and cars unlocked.
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