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  1. Was a great game. I went on the last drive in the wasteland. Couldn't visit all the locations I wanted(sadly I don't even remember, where they all are), but I think I went through most major locations. They say Fallen Earth will be back. Would be great, if it did.. but that will be another game.. so this is my goodbye. I remember I started shortly after launch. The atmosphere of the game was something that blew me away. It really felt like being a part of the wasteland. I remember there was also a community run radio - Wasteland radio, which ran old songs from 40s-50s.. like from Fallout series. When I played Fallen Earth, I had that radio playing in the background and was just enjoying the game. The world felt so huge, but everywhere was something to explore. And exploration was also rewarding, I had tons of waypoints saved to pinpoint certain material farming spots(until they were made obsolete by the change, which made spawns random). Ah the feelings, when I got my interceptor, champion horse etc.. The trivia nights in Embry.. player run events.. so many good things to remember. Anyway, here is my drive down the memory lane(couldn't stop much, it was late and I just wanted to drive through as many locations as possible).. maybe someone, who can't/couldn't get into the game, can also recognize some familiar spots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss7Ls7YcwA0 All the best to you all, we can be proud to have been playing the original Fallen Earth.
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