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  1. this is my exact problem. i remember the email, but when i try to change the password, because i dont have access to the email in question, i seem to get stuck in the process. it signed in automatically when i turned on APB, so i didnt pay much attention to the email or password, and that email wasnt my main email so i didnt even have inbox access to it... im in the process with the support now, have some Steam screenshots of the characters and some other info, so hopefully it will work out. thanks guys
  2. ki kinda funny, but not really. this is a comment you'd write under a scammer of some sort and gives 0 help to me. thanks anyway Merged. unfortunately i have already tried this, and there was no success. thank you though Merged. what do you mean exactly? that the same thing that happened that time, can happen now, so if i use the same email i should be able to change password and it will work? i think that's what you said, but i already tried it and it doesnt work...
  3. Ok so, this takes us back to maybe 2 years ago (?) when there was an account cleanse and we had to change the passwords in order to keep the accounts alive, and those who didn't, their accounts were deleted. At the time of this change, i wasn't playing APB, and when i came back to the game i couldnt log in with the same credentials as the account didnt exist anymore. i had invested a lot of effort and time, not to mention money and numerous permanent weapons. im wondering if there is any way i can get my account back that has 4 maxed out characters and 3 others. I can provide the details of the account and the character names, but i really need someone to help and guide me if it is possible to do this thing and get the account back. because right now, im laying with a newly made account and it just doesnt feel the same.... any help is welcome.
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