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  1. Pardon if this is a know issue. Logged in yesterday after….um…..several months. Receiving mail put same items into different slots in inventory. Could not stack these items together or with a stack of the same items. Example: 2 individual salvaged copper taken from the mail occupied two different slots in inventory. A single salvaged copper already in inventory has a “1” in the lower right corner, while the 2 individual salvaged copper taken from the mail did not. Other items taken by mail or unsold items from the Auction House do not have a number in the lower right corner and the same items would not stack. Kinda hard to keep open inventory slots if you cannot stack items that you mail to other characters or receive from the Auction House. THIS is an issue. I like this game, but I have been waiting. To Spit. To Stack. It has been more than a year since the You-Shall-Not-Stack has been activated. Anyone have any idea when this is to be turned off? This is my first ever post, so I have pasted a quote from another post: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 25, 2018 forrower said This is a game we are talking about. I play this for fun, I don't have to adapt to anything. Any obstacle in the way of me having fun is directly detrimental to the value of this product as a game. Therefore I have the right to complain about the obstacles they present in gameplay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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