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  1. Wyo

    Metropolitan Police

    SeeSee you there . I came back to this game only because of you guys.
  2. Wyo

    Metropolitan Police

    Thank you I´m looking forward to meet you , talk with you and play . I hope We get every district under our Metropolitan control.
  3. Wyo

    Metropolitan Police

    Hey, are u still in there?I thought that Metropolitan Police Service died with the game,But now i see ...If You are there,I´ll be glad if you invite me to your clan. When I was younger It was my dream to be in your clan.I loved your style of playing,symbols on your cars,uniforms amazing!My "live of policeman" started in APB Reloaded 8 years ago.I have played many times with members from clans like Metropolitan Police Service like Petra and next ...from Westland Police...but i do not remember their names.It´s such a long time guys.Today I logged into my account after 4 years and I think its time to kick some criminals in San Paro and show them who we are! I´m friendly , not toxic guy , I really hate it . Name : Wyo Country: Slovakia (but now i live in the Netherlands) Rank: 255 GOLD Ready to be next to you MPS! At your service to protect citizens of San Paro!
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