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Starting A Mercenary Themed Enforcer Clan

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<INCOMING TRANSMISSION> We've been keeping a close eye on you lately, and we're impressed. We can use someone of your caliber and skill in this fight to keep San Paro safe. We've found others like you, others who are just as capable from all around the world. Who will you be during this conflict, and how will these events shape you as you the war rages on? That is for you to find out, and you alone. Will you join us? -X <END>



My goal is to provide Enforcers without a clan a platform to unite and play with a group of like-minded people. Far too long these forums have been ruled by clans with absurd requirements, leaving casual and lesser skilled players at the mercy of playing with randoms. Here, I'm looking to provide a refuge for those who have been abandoned and left in the dirt. I'm not going for anything flashy here, so no websites or anything. Just good old fashioned APB, friends, and having a good time. This clan has no requirements except for not being an pleasant fellow, having fun, and keeping your squad-mates covered. Message me here if you're interested in joining. A good 10-15 active players should do.








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