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Thoughts on new trading system?

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Since the release of the trading system today on official servers, would like to indulge myself to all your opinions.
Since I've been online since this morning I've seen a few stuff worth mentioning.
There's a 3 day cool down on legendary weapons only, clothing etc ( as far as I know ) has none. So beware if you're looking to trade daily.
There's no confirmation on the trade you're about to do, meaning someone can remove the item very quick just as you accept it. ( didn't happen to me but I have a source on citadel. rip his ogre ) 
Trading with APB$ is a bit delayed? Someone traded cash for a weapon 30 minutes ago and has yet to receive his APB$.
Obviously this is still in it's beta form, so more opinions could help Little Orbit come to a conclusive feature that has no bugs.
Please express yours 😃

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