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(GAME -- console version) Video Settings

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So just recently a thought crossed my mind, why not have two options for video settings for the moment.


Now players who have played on the console version of the game know it is lacking in "performance".
Then just now this thought of having two graphical settings/profiles for the game since on console we're basically stuck with the "basic" video settings.

Graphical option 1: the video settings as they are now. Which will come with the lack of FPS but it's great for designing in general and sitting around in social.

Graphical option 2: Really low video settings that are basically tuned to increase performance somewhat so the game becomes more "playable" when engaged into missions where there's a lot going on.


Now I know this isn't a long term solution because the game suffers from other performance issues as well but it might be a short-term solution for the console players.

And since this is an option you are not forced to play the game with the lower graphics settings.

I'd even be glad if we we're allowed the option even if we had to restart the game everytime we switch "graphical profile".


Hope you can do something with this idea.



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