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Community Creation Guidelines

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Welcome to the Community Creations section dedicated to our players and the original content they come up with based on the game Fallen Earth!


While we don't want to dampen the fun, here are some guidelines for posting here:

  • Please keep content PG-13: this means that we ask you to refrain from posting explicit sexual or extremely violent content.
  • Please keep it sane: content that promotes relationships based on slash, incest, or adult/underage pairings, or any other socially unacceptable themes are not allowed.
  • Spelling/Grammar: posters are responsible for making sure that their content is legible and accurate. If you struggle with grammar or spelling, there are extensions provided by browsers such as Chrome/Firefox that can help immensely in this area. 
  • Plagiarism: We can't enforce this, but we ask that you do not plagiarise another users content. If you want to post another person's work, please give them credit.


We appreciate your passion and creativity as a community and we hope that these guidelines help. 


If you have any question, please contact a mod or our Community Manager, Lixil.



Your Little Orbit team

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