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Op Hooligan

PvP Harvester and Bracket Tourney Event

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Hello and welcome to the first annual PvP and Bracket event
Instead of market this month I will be hosting a harvesting event in blockade to promote teamfights

Salv Carb Steel, Rothium, and Salv Titanium will be dropped in blockade at 1pm CST on saturday march 5th, winner of fights take all.

I do also welcome non-pvp'ers to attend as well, for resources as well as DT.

After the struggle for claiming area, I will then be hosting a pvp bracket tourney for 3v3s with 10y prize pool.
To enter into bracket please send your team participants to me so I can enter in bracket, if one no shows at event swap ins are fine.

Wish you all the best of luck, and see you in the zone!

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