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Dunkaroos Enforcer Clan Recruitment!

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Hello everybody,

A few players and I have decided to make a clan after playing APB for years. We are a very experienced clan that is starting to branch out to teach new players and have fun with some more people. Right now we are looking for some dedicated members to help recruit and get things going. There isn't many places to recruit many people other than in game so I was hoping to get a few people off here to help me get things running. We have created a discord where we can get things going. When you join the discord you just have to do a quick application to join. If you are a content creator we would really appreciate you doing some videos to get the clan up and running.


The discord is here if you are interested:



In case any of you were wondering this clan was intended for Enforcers but if we get the people to create a Criminal clan as well that would be also. My character is a max rank known as ViddeR. Feel free to Whisper me in game if you have any questions.

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