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  1. give me my freaking witch hat halloween reward :(, it's literally the only thing i was looking forward to this halloween. its cool that you guys made new rewards, and dont get me wrong, i like some  of them, but they're not items id spend time grinding for because they just simply dont fit my appeal or my outfitting choices. all i want is the witch hat, which i waited an entire year for since my current main character was created during christmas of last year. please and thank you, ily.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Nitronik said:

    IIRC they will replace your nickname with something compatible, after which you will get a free namechange to decide your new nickname

    it makes your nickname whatever you had before and puts a bunch of random numbers that exceed the character limit, because your name isn't valid at that point, you get a namechange. At least that's my understanding of it but I'm pretty dumb so

  3. 15 hours ago, largeAPBgamer said:

    meanwhile top jericho streamer on twitch is a cheater with cheaters in his premade vsing another premade full of cheaters, and armas isnt pay2win? so a 3 slot ntec is no better than a stock ntec? ok buddy

    im sure every1 who ever bought armas was because they wanted cool new skins, not exclusive pay2win weapons that are broken and demolish players who dont even know what they are fighting against




    why does anyone use an armas exclusive gun EVER, if the normal guns are equally good? weird bro might require >60 iq to figure this one out

    prolly cause theyre permanent or something dunno


    who's this top streamer anyways im pretty curious

  4. So, most people have probably already noticed that criminals hold pistols(like the FBW and .45 AP) with one hand, whereas enforcers hold them with both hands. I personally main enforcer and though it is a very small thing, the pistol holding animation for enforcers does kinda bother me. I'm sure others like it, however, so my suggestion is as follows:


    Add an option that lets you choose which animation you'd like to use when you fire a pistol. 


    It isn't anything game-changing, I'd just rather hold my pistol with one hand on enforcer lol.



    Thanks for reading!

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  5. Heyo, config user here, I pretty much have to use them cause of my framerate shown in my signature below! Anyways, I personally don't think using configs is cheating, there are certain things that, yeah, shouldn't be allowed, like the removal of smoke produced by grenades and explosions produced by cars(using these particular settings puts you at a disadvantage anyways since you can't really see what the hell's hitting you, but there are situations where it helps you) Others have said the presence of shadows is detrimental because darkness makes it hard to see your opponent, though really, as long as that red name's up, you know where to position your crosshair. Not to mention, there's nothing really stopping anyone from using configs besides the fact that you refuse to use it. Maybe in the future, if we don't get these options in-game until the engine update(soon tm) The text edits that are not allowed by Matt can be scanned for by the Anti-Cheat or something, dunno much about anti-cheats, but I'm pre sure if set to do so, it can scan for a file mismatch.

  6. 2 minutes ago, sono123 said:

    It was just a quick search. I don’t remember the name of the sight but it was like one of the first results.

     When I looked there were thousands of downloads.

     Hopefully that site has since gone down.


    I mean, you can't exactly guarantee that said cheats are also undetected, like glaciers(god that hurt to type) previously said, this game is dead to the point where public cheats aren't worth maintaining.

  7. 31 minutes ago, sono123 said:

    All the people who insist there are less cheaters than you think are either delusional or trolls.

    you just need google the websites where people would get said cheats...

    look at the amount of views and downloads in the threads containing the cheats...

    its disgusting 

    At least on Jericho there's noticeably less cheaters tbh, either that or they're utter garbage with cheats

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