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  1. I would like to thank All of you for the quick responses and Tips, i got netter at the game since läst time i posted and the game has indeed  many flaws but i guess i cant complain too much since it's Free to play and enjoyable kinda. 


  2. Hi every one, 

    ME and my friend starte playing APB for a week or so and we are having some troubles and i was hoping we are not alone. 

    We followed some tutorials on how to get starded posted here since the in game tutorial doesn't help you at all and we kinda got the basisc of the game. 

    Fast forward two days and we begin matchmaking and doing missons a total nightmare. 

    We got players that are above our rank on every mission until we found out thanks to another tutorial posted here that the district was în făcut for silver players so we change it. 

    Now here is where the fun begins on the bronze district, lord have mercy on us. 

    Matchmaking was the same, everything was identica. 

    I'm not an expert when it comes to fps games i admit but does this game not have a average Player district or everyone is a pro? 

    And dont let me get started on cheaters.. 

    How does a new Player supposed to survive? 

    Our gamer tags are SnowStormy and MrsLolla check our kda


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