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  1. I'm a new player but I'm finding it hard to advance in the game. 

    Most I see is long time players camp newbie players like myself.

    When I get a team most leave because they see a newbie player has joined them.  when I finally get a team the other team has players with RPGS or one shot kills me from a mile away you dont even get chance to hide.  


    Is the game gone too far for new comers to join or is there some kind of update coming to help us its only what i want to ask?

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  2. Financial, Breakwater is down for me.  I have been playing the game about 4 weeks now and I have less that 100 hours gameplay because of bugs or unable to log in. 

    you play for a hour and have to relog because of lag.  the game is one of the worst games I have played.

    serious I can see it going like fallen earth and closing down for good.

    Its riddled with botters you report something it never gets answered i mean i might as well just quit because it's pointless for any new player.


    In 4 weeks I must have spent around £300 buying items from the marketplace and joker boxes for awesome weapons but I wont spend another penny unless I see fixes sorry.


    I liked apb I love pvp games and it's got potential but the people running it are lagging behind by years sorry but you are.

  3. Well it's down again for xbox I cant log in when I do it loads and kicks me out of both districts.  I bought a weapon with real money and I cant even use it. 😡

  4. Still down. I have only been playing the game a few weeks now and the way it's going I'm not going to bother it's a total mess 

  5. What the hell it's still not fixed 


    Says checking your browser before accessing gamerfirst.com the process is automatic your browser will direct your request please wait 5 seconds and nothing else reload...reload....reload....reload....reload.

    Omg 😡

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