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  1. On 4/25/2021 at 1:51 PM, outfit said:

    they already know they need to fix things so why keep telling them?

    Because they're upset that a game they love has been absolute dog water (I personally adore the game, but let's be real - it's not exactly well maintained) for many, many years and it's a natural thing to do as a species to vent frustration. Getting emotional is what we humans do. Treating people who are upset with aggression or dismissing their emotions just makes it worse. People venting to Little Orbit costs you nothing and you claim you don't care, so why even post? It didn't help any.


    That's why people like Cookie shouldn't open their mouths most of the time, hence why he's been reported and reprimanded for it in the past.

    2 hours ago, outfit said:

    no one here cares about your feelings or frustrations lmao, i dont want to come on here and see you complaining about something that's already been said 100x.

    Little Orbit does. Any profit seeking entity cares about how its users are feeling. Stop coming here if certain threads irk you so much.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Kanashimi said:

    Because he has a right to say he was banned, that's why. You being snarky about it, is what's wrong with this community in the first place.


    6 hours ago, Valkyrja- said:

    Oh so I can't voice my opinion on him posting? I don't have that right? Get outta here with that. Lmfao Has a right to say he was banned? Weird but okay. I don't think we have rights when we sign that TOS. Support is the most logical choice. Snarky comment or not. So sorry, well no I'm not. 


    5 hours ago, xiphos said:

    you sure its not because people whine about respecting "rights" in the same breath they use to complain about someone exercising those very same "rights" ?


    3 hours ago, Kanashimi said:

    Whom is whining? I was just stating a fact. This will be the last I have to say of this, as I can see this is starting to build into some bs. I would rather nip it in the bud. Good day everyone.


    1 hour ago, Valkyrja- said:

    Stating a fact? What is the fact? That a snarky comment is what's wrong with the community? What is a fact in what you said? It's literally your opinions. The only thing I see as anywhere near a fact is the community is fed up with cheaters and how the game is being handled. Have a good one. 

    This forum is mostly the same trash over and over, but every once in a little while there's still some humour to be mined from it...




    10 hours ago, GS said:

    I sent everything I needed to BE to verify my statements because I am sure of myself, unfortunately BE never responds to the email. Now I don't even try to unban myself because I already know that LO handles this game very badly and won't do anything.

    Support is the only way to get your account unbanned. So whether you're telling the truth or not, it doesn't really matter to anyone here. We can't help you, but good luck.

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  3. On 3/6/2021 at 12:45 PM, Preme said:

    Another boring fucking player that wants shit removed from the game just cause you dont want to use it, its people like u that have brought the game to this shit state already, lets stop all the further removing or nerf beggings cause the only thing you gotta do is have fun your own way just like other people are trying to. if u cant have fun and u got to get on the forums and beg again for something to be removed then do us all a favor and simply remove yourself if ure not satisfied with the way the game is. 

    "never ever ask for changes to be made to the gameplay cause some new guy on the forum got upsetti spaghetti and screamed no, go away!"

    Okay, but like, no?

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  4. 5 hours ago, Hexerin said:

    There's... literally no downside to this kind of system, while having a bunch of upsides (primarily backend stuff, but noticeable to the end-user if they're paying attention).

    I've been an advocate for it for ages for APB. I said it helped ruin WoW.

  5. 57 minutes ago, Lign said:

    I don't think that it's a difficult technology to implement, many open world games have it for over 10 years. For example World Of Warcraft has it since Cataclysm as I remember correctly. You can meet players from different servers in outdoor, also invite them in your group without any loading

    Yeah, and it helped ruin it, lol. Would be great for APB though until its numbers aren't so low.

  6. Interesting read for sure, lol.

    Seems like LO hired a dev team to make a game last year(?) and they didn't deliver and talked trash so LO sued them for not finishing the project and casting shade on them in public.


    Anyway, I cleaned up the formatting on some spice to share.


    42. Upon information and belief, Defendants’ false statements disparaging Plaintiff 11 include, but are not limited to, the following:


    Folks that say [Descendent] scammed are WAY off base, we worked for nothing, this is a publisher [Little Orbit] holding it hostage trying to get the rights from us, which we have even offered but not for free; it is our belief that they [Little Orbit] can’t afford the marketing or console publishing and have parked it; we had good progress then they [Little Orbit] breached and are trying to snag the IP we own.


    They [Little Orbit] didn't market the game, they didn't properly test it, they constantly asked for changes - they didn't understand the project or market - they were trying to get it into Walmart instead of focusing on digital - so many ways they breached..... and finally they were unable to pay. We had to hold their hands so often on small things - they commissioned a video - for marketing, it was so unassociated with the game we had to rewrite the storyline, and manage new shots just to make it tie in.


    Little Orbit wanting to go full Arcade in January, was typical, they were getting 27 builds for months and then decided to PIVOT based upon the lack of sales for Overload - and that the name Descent did not mean anything in the industry anymore and that they would still need to spend on Marketing. The change in direction was 2 typical of them, and they [Little Orbit] have a history of pulling stunts late to try to stiff devs [developers].


    Essentially they are trying to run us out of biz and take over the IP; we have offered to let them [Little Orbit] buy us out - they don't have the $$$, so consider that.. if they can't even buy us out, how are they going to market, publish or finish the game? EXACTLY, they aren't..... so, here we are at an impasse - and those saying they fired us on Steam are way off base, you can't FIRE the IP holder - they just stopped paying, and breached their obligations hoping we would fold and give them everything and then trust them to share.


    We are here because of their [Little Orbit] decisions. They wanted a SAAS model, they needed our assistance on console, even though we were only contracted originally for the PC, they lost a console partner and a 2nd console team, they asked for a new ui like 4 times, they offered to do said UI then left it on us, they never tested properly, never marketed, and asked us to change to their completely new API in Decemberish.


    I mean as owner of the IP we wanted it as good as it could be and figured all of these 18 changes they understood the impact to the schedule. Clearly they did not, they would just yell at us and tell us to work 7 days a week. Then we researched their [Little Orbit] history and found a pattern of behavior as projects ran into trouble; Too many times I have seen publishers kill a game late, take it to market without the original devs, and pocket all the money...... right is right - If someone [Little Orbit] doesn't honor a contract signed recently, why would anyone trust they would honor one in the future? Once you start digging into some people's past and find similar situations and talk to others that have dealt with folks it clarifies a lot.


  7. 1 minute ago, tucsonfeuer said:

    Related to this, I wonder if there is some type of "forfeit" option. Maybe there are certain conditions where a team could choose to forfeit? E.g., perhaps when there is this imbalance, and then a forfeit option shows up. There are matches I stop playing because it isn't type 1 fun, and it won't even be type 2 fun, win, lose, or draw.


    I would happily forfeit, so I could get queued up for another match (even if there was a delay penalty for being the forfeiter), or leave the district, without having to wait X minutes.

    The ability to forfeit a 1v1 would be lovely.

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  8. 20 hours ago, cowhorseman said:

    if anything like fallen earth. there gonna try, go oh shit this isnt working and shut the game down to work on it...then years will pass with no word

    I tried to play that game like 3 times and it was weird. Gave me like, Morrowind vibes it was so archaic and strange...

  9. On 1/10/2021 at 12:07 PM, R3ACT3M said:

    But It really is feeling like hope is lost.



    Just kidding... but idk why ppl are so emotionally hung up on this game's current state tho. I get loving the game, but you literally said it bores you.


    Like, why are you guys still here? Genuine question, cause I've never felt APB deserved my loyalty over this insane amount of time of basically zero progress.

  10. 2 hours ago, PepeHands said:

    Really not at all. Just uninstalled because I realized that I'm not gonna play anymore and I probably won't miss this game when it will shut down. I let the memories die a while ago and it went easy to embrace the reality. Everyone I've met in this game was a big and toxic waste of time. For a while I thought that I've made a good friend for lyfe but...I've met him in APB so there's that KEKW.

    Everything about you just screams that you're the one who was toxic. From the way you post to even your profile, you just seem insufferable and gross.


    So, whatever... Bye I guess?

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