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  1. 3 minutes ago, postalgril said:



    i lose most of my matches already but i dont care. facing silvers is not a problem its fun just playing and fighting them most are better than me. but we're not talking about normal players here we're talking about the golds with all their configs, macros, triggerbots that they all use. its a whole other thing they dont belong in the same district as normal players. 

    not all golds hack a lot have just game knowledge from playing the game for so long

  2. 1 minute ago, RageKitty said:

    umm, when apb reloaded got relaunched, and gold was full, silver was full, and so was bronze. and I never really ventured into bronze. I was mainly in silver. so I did run into golds a lot. I got stomped a lot. but I got better. it didn't happen over night. or in a couple of days. if you want an easy mode game go play Farmville. but you have to put in some effort if you want to get good at the game. and as much as players like to say "oh I hardly put in effort to fight people" its true depending on the player you fight. but there are some games you run into where you have to try if you want to have somewhat a chance at winning. I don't go into every game thinking that my fellow golds have a cheating mechanism. which most don't they just know the mechanics and know how to use them well. as well as when you play the game long enough, you eventually get to predict what most apb players do. which is quite honestly easy since most of the pop do this. not to mention whenever you play in certain areas there are only so many avenues of attack. 


    but to answer your question. yes I got stomped plenty. plenty of times did I rage. plenty of times did I take breaks from apb. but I do enjoy the game. I do enjoy the community. you just have to have steel skin and be able to accept you aren't as good as you think you are and grow. 

    as a gold plated silver i know how u feel my dud

  3. so like every day now since this has been happening ive been coming on here to see all the comments and how funny they are...
    i myself dont care how long it takes this is a BIG step that LO needed to do the server's they had weren't the best.

    i hope everything is going ok LO and that ul have APB running 100% soon enough and i hope with the new server's this game will be a lot more fun and playable... (its not really playable for me in the state is was in.... because 2080... it really hates 2080's)

  4. Still crashing same way... play 5 minutes, game just closes itself and gives me a send report... it happens when im trying to spawn it shows you were you can spawn then the game stops responding and you can still here the count down timer and thats it 



    AMD Ryzen 5 2600

    RTX 2080

    16GB DDR4

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