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  1. 44 minutes ago, Ranger95 said:

    Had no idea that the texture quality was different from male to female
    I'll see if I notice it

    I post comprasion on highest. Give me few minutes.




    Never fucking mind... I specially double checked, restarted game even to check if I'm not gonna make fool out of myself when I posted that...

    I changed settings in advanced launcher to ultra and it worked properly now. I just wonder what option can affect look of fishnet while leaving rest of body in HD. Or even leave female fishnet in good look.

    But here's photo on ultra so in the end it's all fine and dandy there - I guess I start to use it then:



    What I saw was damn pixelosis. Litteraly low resolution textures. Problem was rest of textures was HD, checked twice - once after changing settings manually in-game, second restarting (for some changes to work). Now I set it up for ultra and it worked.


    I tweak settings a bit. Maybe I find that setting which does that shit.

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  2. I'm frustrated.

    Finally clothing which would be good for my Citrin... Short-sleeved fishnet shirt.

    What suprise I had on face when it looked... horrible. It looked like tattoo.

    Then some female player with her fishnet passed me. High quality fishnet on her body. I imagined that on Citrin...


    Excuse me, what the fuck?

    Fine... Male players are not favored in clothing aspect, I can work with it somehow... but when you release some clothing at least don't treat us like some second category players. Clothing options are low and you add new ones which don't look good...


    Not actual, although I would love to learn what option in advanced launcher causes such shit.

  3. Before both triggers worked... now even them are dead after removing APBInput.ini and generating new one.

    Wth is wrong with this game settings...


    Controller is clearly working in Windows and APB config is setup to detect it but still ignores it... What?...



    Alright after screwing around with admin privilliges I think I know what caused it.

    It was non-elevated Steam.

    If you struggle like me - elevate Steam, APBLauncher, APBprogram and if you use it APBAdvancedLauncher.

    Make sure APBInput.ini is NOT set to read-only.

    That's all.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Zolerox said:



    You can rebind the keys DIRECTLY to your Xbox controller.

    That's the problem. APB ignores every input from my Xbox 360 controller.

    Also using windows adapter for wireless connector and even got installed all necessary drivers - controller works in all games... but APB.

  5. 2 hours ago, _chain said:

    Look for a program to map the controller to keyboard/mouse, though might be wonky depending on what you use. 


    I've been looking for a bit, there's a program called reWASD, I'm gonna try it later and help you out, or at least see how well it does. 

    I saw a lot of mapping programs too but like with reWASD - my main issue was the fact that they costed money.

    Ex: http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/pc-controller-support/alpha-gamepad-joystick/xbox-360-ps3-psx-etc/apb-all-points-bulletin-reloaded (Which got mapping for APB, unlike reWASD which don't - and honestly it look good (although putting grenade at the same button as switching shoulders seems idiotic), sadly program is also paid).

    Not gonna pay for something i'm gonna do more as try-out. Also such features they present I can do with manual programs - the whole problem is BattlEye which I don't know how will act for mapping keys programs.

  6. Hello.

    Before anyone say - yes i'm aware there is no offical support for Xbox 360 controllers and that i'm gonna be handicapped against real players. It's not the point.

    Question of mine is there some actual way to make controller to work? Tried Steam big picture, APBInput edition and some several "old" ways... Without any success at 100% input. (I know game doesn't support Xbox bumpers axis tilt - it's either 0 or 1).

    So... Em help? 😛

  7. Well taking how Blood Roses are coming from underground club scene i'm kinda surprised there isn't much club clothing in APB.


    And there is a lot to maneuver. From baggy pants to glowing stick as bracelets, torn clothing... bah we even miss something as basic as fishnet sleeves or shirts.


    Of course taking how much advanced APB editor is you can always compromise (so I did) but well, more clothing would be better than compromises with tattoos.

  8. 2 minutes ago, AxeTurboAgresor said:

    /ignore ?

    Mate, like.. LO has nothing to do with it, and shouldnt do nothing about it. It s just ur problem and u have to deal with it. I am getting in contact with toxicity every day. Even VOIP in APB is promoted as tool to taunt others. Every time I play APB I have to controll myself to not lose my sh*t, and I love it. It makes me learn to deal with my emotions and with different attacks.

    I would literaly leave APB if toxicity was punishable. I dont want APB to be forced into some safe space game. You can make ur own safe space by ignoring ppl.

    Its just written text and words from voice chat after all.

    You guys need mendatory military service.

    Still all this trash playing APB makes game un-friendly for new players.

    They like reason number 4 on my list why APB is failing. I never saw such toxicity in other competitive games and if such it was separated cases.

  9. Matt said that they sent some support staff members to reschooling after they shown habit of auto-replying without looking at message - and it not making much sense.

    Probably you were victim of that. Just send additional message as reply - it will reopen ticket if you aren't somehow forced to be on auto-reply mode.

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