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  1. 47 minutes ago, Rebelliousness said:


    I bought the SBSR IRS... holy crap that gun is crap. At least the DMR gets off a stun sometimes, and has no recoil.  This gun has crazy recoil. slow firing (compared to ISSR variants) and welp, your lucky to get 2 shots off, almost never a 3rd kill shot.  The dmg you do to cars is subpar compared to an alig or DMR... in every conceivable way it is just sad.... really like I think the Anubis is better. I hear they are balancing the Coronor version but... hot damn this one is bad bad bad.

    At least it looks cool 😄

  2. 1 minute ago, CookiePuss said:

    Honestly Im just jealous you have the courage to go non meta! 


    I havent touched anything but the Oca ntec cr762 hvr in so long!!! :classic_sad:

    well my nerves made of steel i think 😄 and i spent too much on this game to let my weapons to be dust catchers 😄

  3. 10 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

    You said it yourself, the Shredder is not meta. Its limited range (20m) and long ttk (0.84 seconds) make it a big underdog against most smg/shotgun/AR users. It does however do a fair ammount of hard damage which is nice, especially in car chases, and unlike other shotguns IR3 (raising ramge to 27m) is actually helpful given the shredder's tight spread. 



    Most useful mods for the shredder are IR3 and mobility sling so you made a good choice with the preset version. 


    As with any non meta weapon, you are going to have to outsmart your opp in order to get off the first shot(s) as you will be at a disadvantage in almost any even 1v1 situation. But as with anything, its important to have fun, and it sounds like you are so in a way, youve already won! 😉

    im using RFP as secondary so i'm quite capable in mid range too 😄 its really fun to play with it. Especially against players who cant counter it because they are not familiar with the underrated guns 😄 but yeah in a play style like this there ups and downs very often but thats the way of APB doesent it? 😄

  4. Hmm don't know could be. Maybe its just me but i like to play with guns that differs from the current oca/nhvr/ntec meta. Its just very boring to play almost all the time against groups  with the same weapon setups. So i'm using weapons that are rare or just not in the current meta even if it affects my game performance (sorry about that tryhard golds). It gives more color to the game. So at least my opp doesent have to face the same guns all the time. Its more fun when you rekt someone with a shit gun. 😄 But  its just me...

  5. Hello guys! 

    Just bought the Shredder Eb Pr3 from armas and i found it very good against silvers however i found it almost useless against golds. Maybe im not good enough for facing golds with it or the weapon is bad and i got lucky with it? 


    What do you guys think about the weapon? Is it good with the preset mods or not, if its not then what do you suggest for mods?

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