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  1. I am not a fan of actual cheaters getting unbanned either, but the fact that I am getting back my account that I have spent around 2000 hours on, acquired some premium weapons through fair trading with some lovely people, purchased a bundle I liked, and to finally experience those *APB moments* yet again just give me an utterly unexpected, overwhelming bliss.


    The unjustified suspension of my account had happened completely unexpectedly just the same, was shocking, random and ultimately simply outrageous, with no explanation as to why. I had to ask for some kind of reason behind my penalty multiple times, on two different accounts...

    So when I noticed G1 was finally "out of the picture" and another company took over my heart skipped a beat. Was really hoping I could get a chance at getting my "life" in APB back, and it finally seems to come true!


    Additionally, after reading a lot about the takeover, some news about future plans and watching the whole Q&A stream with Kempington and MattScott I am filled to the brim with HYPE.

    Thank you!

    @LittleOrbit, I am in ❤️. #faithrestored #loveatfirstfight #nohomo

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