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  1. On 8/10/2022 at 1:28 PM, Cuve said:

    Matt doesn't owe us anything. All of you are just overreacting whilst the "smart"  people just move on to different better games.
    I've spent a load of money on APB myself but with "investing" in to a game you should realize that you're always going to lose that money.

    1. You'll never get it back anyways.
    2. Not a single game will survive your entire lifetime. 
    3. You're spending money on an account that isn't even yours.

    I genuinely do not understand why people care so much for APB or anything Matt does, they clearly do not have the resources to accomplish the goals that they had set when they took over nor the goals that they have set in the previous months. It's mind boggling that there are still people that genuinely think sh*t is going to get done and APB:R is going to be a big hit.

    Just wait and see, they don't owe you guys anything no matter how much time and money you have invested in their game.


    Everyone please read this quote a few times and let the reality of it sink in. It transition well into the next quote: 


    On 8/11/2022 at 9:57 AM, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    One day you will all finally learn that APB's time is passed and gone. Even if LO or G1 or whoever comes out with some amazing game changing update that fixes everything it does not matter. 99.9999% of games die with time.

    I have not doubt that Matt has all the best intentions, I'll continue to call LO the unsung good guys of the gaming industry, but something is clear now.
    Little Orbit got waaay to much in their plate, from buying Gamersfirst with APB Reloaded and Fallen Earth, to a failed kickstarter with Unsung Story, and taking over Descent Underground(STFU).
    That right there is 4 big projects, each with their communities of which there sure is unhappy people. It's unclear to me how big Matt's team is in reality but I doubt it to be a really big studio to handle all these projects at once.

    I'll admit this update was rather underwhelming considering last time I really checked-in was when APB was acquired by Little Orbit, I know Realtime Worlds made APB with UE 3 and a bunch of ghetto spaghetto code so this would be a huge undertaking, but as someone who really enjoyed the original APB I was hopeful of it's future. So realizing that all the talk of upgrading the engine and improving the game hasn't moved in any noticeable degree in all this time is a bit disappointing, but I don't fault Little Orbit for struggling with two other companies garbage and having to turn it into something that is not covered in turd stains, can't be easy.

    There is valid points raised in this thread, I hope it's all at least read and thought of as you continue your work at Little Orbit.

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  2. From the depths of hell I shall necro this thread to utter: If you manage to think like OP expecting to get money back from a bygone era, then get a grip, of course you're not gonna get money back from a game that came out in 2009 and later ended in the paws of gamersfirst. When you invest money in any mmo you do so knowing that one day your virtual goods that you spent your money on WILL be gone, MMOs are not forever and you should see yourself blessed with the fact Little Orbit brought you fallen earth classic! 

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