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  1. I can't dislike this, i can only chose bullshoot fake likes, making everyone reputation simply fake. Its always pointless.

    This has NEVER changed anything, EVER!!! And you keep doing it taking down the server even for 6 hours sometimes...

    I guess you are not happy with ppl wanting to play, you would rather not care as any successful company DOESnt! Problem is you are not a successful company and you are critically bleeding members every day...


    No personal intention to offend you, cuz i love this game allot, and i will never give it up unlike most, even if i'm a silly(altered definition) person, so far i can only say thank you for keeping it alive.


    As for the rest of you replying with fix this and that, what's your problem? Is it hard to be a yellow?! Does it itch so bad that you can't play higher handicap against you on bronze servers?! Lmao, you are pathetic!!!

    You are playing bronze servers by now, fully!!! And yet again you request terms to be bounded in your exploiting favor?!... they tend to say that leftovers can only be the worst experience, so here you are most of you.


    What is perfectly fine according to you on the other hand is that Its always fun ganging up as 3 organized yellows vs 2 bronze and one silver, no matter the availability of the server population... ridiculous system, ridiculous members, you ppl are literally digging apb grave every day, then dare to make obnoxious requests to please your expired experience in here.


    Aren't you selfish now?1 Go figure.


    GL with that.

  2. 59 minutes ago, Deadliest said:

    in what way they are exploiting? jts is the best way for rewarding players for the hours they spent playing or doing the tedious task challenges in fc or missions. 

    it actually takes hours of playtime to cap both fc, 50 + 150 jts then + 200 jts for top 10% gold challenge threshold. 

    Games dead, they need a rewarding system they have a purpose for playing. 

    Yeah for real players, cuz for exploiters killing everyone in one round, they just need like 3 rounds to complete that 50 JT, or even two, so what exactly are u insinuating here?

    As for the full 200, i have no idea, i never had the nerves to finish it as no matter how skilled or weapon u use, you always get the top silly person take you out multiple times, ruining the whole point of playing that place at all anymore. Gave those places up two years ago, when i realized its absolutely pointless without somekind of "speshul program".


    Being a dead game makes sense... it will only get the shit out of it exploited till the end, there is nobody that really cares about its fate.

    The few left are only here to enjoy the beautiful fireworks at the end and the addictive mediocre gameplay, but nothing else... as most of us resigned long time ago.


    ... By the way... where the fuck is my beautiful Troll tag?! Did they just downgraded forums too?! We all have "Members" as tag...! Figures lol!

    Come now LO.... don't do this, u already took out voting system, now this?!!

    I feel like an answering machine now :(((

  3. Isn;'t this fun? We can all edit the game files however we please, meanwhile noobs are in all kind of standards... aren't you tired of exploiting? Game is dying for fuk sake.

    Today is colored objective, tomorrow colored through wall players.

  4. You literally can dream about any kind of better anti cheap anymore, the game is going down! And anything better as an anti-cheat, its literally a pipe dream by now.

    GL intellectually discussing irrelevant issues.

    Oh wait...i still need to give it another year to state that 😛 nvm.

  5. ZERO here, i go afk as soon as i get two kills on my patootie(well in some cases), particularly with yellows as opposition 🙂

    I got better things to do than waste my nerves with yellows.

    ESPECIALLY after a frustrating day at work(which are all).

    I literally don't need your shit!!!

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  6. I still wonder if LO is actually competent anymore about what they re investing in, what are they really planning to do with this game? It seems such a lost cause that by now its beyond recovering, are they really financially suicidal? Or are they really having an ACE in their sleeve?...Which i find it way too ridiculous to make sense, reality suggests, they are bleeding money by now, but they keep fighting till the last moment as it seems... very strange for a company to do this...

    I really hope we don't know the half of it, cuz i'm glad this game still on 🙂

    Thank you LO!

  7. Rules don't usually apply for dying games, cuz trolls and yellows are literally everything that keeps this game alive, noobs come and go less and less, so by the time you will want to make another post like this one, you will find yourself in a server as empty as jericho and that  asian server HAN (or something) were in, eurape is the last pilon of survival for this game, and soon will be as depleted as those two were, then what?!

  8. Ppl aren't waiting for a salvation anymore, they are waiting for the scoop of the year, "Millions Dollars Game Finally Dies!!!" I mean that's what i'm personally waiting for since forever (cuz im into reality more than fantasy) to assist its last breath... what i always waited for, definitively not that nonsense about new engine salvation bullshoot, we all know that its way past the graphics improvement nonsense(by the time they enter unreal 4, ppl are used to unreal 8).

    You won't get better fps, so relax... we are still crashing, it just takes a VERY long time.

    Enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

  9. 6 hours ago, JDMxDrifter said:

    Alright, before you get heated by reading the title, hear me out.


    It does not matter what server you go into. Bronze, Silver, Gold, hell... f*ckin Purple. There will always be a gold in your district. There will always be a guy who's keyboard is wet 24/7. Threat Segregation does absolutely nothing. All it does is it deters people who don't purposefully dethreat away because they can't join the only active district, that's bronze. Depends on the day if the district of the day is Bronze or Silver. I remember APB removing threat segregation last year and I experienced nothing different (though that's my personal experience, not speaking for all of you). Remove Threat District Segregation and district population will increase because we aren't all spread out. Again, this is my opinion and personal experience. You may agree, you may disagree.

    Huh?! Did u say something mr. yellow?!!!

    It actually does matter!!!! Cuz we silvers also get decent round once in a while to enjoy, not only to be decimated by them big boyz exploiters one round after another, wasting an entire night for YOU only, so gl with ur plead, and hope your kind become extinct!

    You seem to live in your own pipe dream to say such things, if it was indeed a better solution, they would prolly had applied it the last time they were forced into it, but it will never be a good solution, unless for you exploiters of course, cuz that way our apb experience become a more miserable experience so that yours can gain more ground to enjoy.

    The nerves in you ppl its unbelievable.

    From my experience point about this game, with all this years and years of background, removing segregation would be the last straw definitively for allot of ppl that stayed with this game, because games aren't only made for your kind,  online games supposed to offer overall a stable balance of accomplishment for the lower class members too, but what you are insinuating its absolutely disgusting from my long term experience tier.

  10. And to think that was my first investment in this game... awful weapon, i never use it anymore, actually it was always more like a pistol than an actual gun, cuz all its efficience was at close range, even nano is better for that matter, its decent at close and mid range.

  11. Was wondering since nobody seems to care about the obvious anymore "what's going on?" the ironical decrease in activity on forums and auction house (citadel) shouldn't come as a surprise at all by now, but still... makes you feel like this game stands on its last legs for some "strange" reason, even knowing that Matt is working on the engine as we speak, begs the question how many yellows are going to come back for a final exploiting experience when it finally gets released? And how many will leave permanently (good riddance).


    And blablabla yakidy smakidy.

  12. Making weapons worst, its one of the best features they have achieved so far, so no... oca won't regain default status any time soon indeed.

    They basically playing out the last community members (that matter) they got left in their constant bad decisions, its not like anything will improve if u displease your lab rats.

    One good thing does happen tho, the game gets less and less yellows, and with it as a bad side also less auction house content sadly, so i guess soon legendaries will go out of stock. 

    Bronze will have to rebuild this game up from the ground, once it decides it wants to be rebuilt of course.

  13. Haha... very funny guys... thing is i got a minus flare gun for my birthday, not as a mistake, but my birthday is a mistake and i know it!! Next? :)))

    Trust me i love your trolling back, feels so refreshing every time!

    By now i don't care about what's in the jt store anymore, cuz i have most of the best crap in there, so whatever i pick as new its limited to its usage on a every day routine.

    Basically the torture going on on us all about surviving on the impression that we get new sensations nothing more.

    As for you yellows, you still need to move to silver district and fuck off, nobody loves or cares for your existence, you are basically troublemakers more than trolls for that matter, believe it or not, GL believing otherwise, you dealt a lifetime damage, so you should be done by now.

  14. 10 hours ago, AlienTM said:

    One person is tryn to get the job done?👏May takes 20 more years to be done but the fact that his losing his life and free time doin this is just inexplicable.All that for this game which probably not gonna grow much after the upgrade.Idk if is worthy at this point but we must show some support at least login and playn for some time instead of cryn all the time on forums.Wish you all the best boss and take some break from apb.Health and family comes 1st after all everything else is secondary.Take care

    Good point, too bad the disappointment surpasses the expectation, its going to be a waste of time for them as it was for us sadly... but i'm glad they keept this place alive for us for so long, problem is in the end, it only delays the inevitable.

    And about the break, family and stuff... no thanx! Never thought about it, never will... families tend to be the end of your freedom and the beginning of a VERY long term regret.

    Not that life is better either way, but just saying... it can be worst.

    But yes... they had to deal a big amount of financial sacrifice in order to please future plans, i greatly appreciate it myself as they basically saved me a huge amount of psychical agony that i suffer every day anyway. but with pauses cuz of this game.

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