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  1. On 3/5/2023 at 5:49 PM, CordlessDeWalt said:

    Nevermind, I figured out I needed to check my mail

    Indeed, this is where all Armas purchases go 🙂.

    I have locked this topic and moved it to the Resolved section.


    - Azukii

  2. On 1/27/2023 at 1:34 AM, lRush said:

    Did they ever help you out? I have the same problem. Cant send mail, cant buy or sell on the market, cant trade, nothing. I don't have a countdown for my trade block in the chat when i join social either.


    As @Amayii mentioned, the trade lock is only temporary (3 days), and a message should show up in game chat stating how long you still have to wait before being able to trade again. Now, if that message does not show, or you notice the time does not go down, please contact our customer support at https://support.gamersfirst.com/ or send an e-mail to support@gamersfirst.com.


    - Azukii

  3. Hello,

    I am sorry you are facing these issues. However, only our Customer Support can help you resolve this matter. If you cannot contact them through writing a ticket on https://support.gamersfirst.com/, please send an e-mail to support@gamersfirst.com, and explain the issue you are having by providing them with as much information as possible.


    - Azukii

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