Hi everyone,   I have already commented a couple times about the event. Many players have asked us ‘what were you thinking?’ So here is a bit of an explanation.   - Autumn Assault was based on some existing mexhanics that we tried to polish up to make more fun. - We had just come off developing Epidemic as a mode we let players join any time, so we thought we would do something different for November. - We intended Autumn Assault as a fun series of GM run events where players could interact a little more directly.  - Since we needed to fire off the event manually, we decided to publish a schedule we could stick to in advance with multiple times a day, so players would know when the events were happening. - We came up with a skin and joker ticket amounts that we felt would make the games worth it for players.   And then we had some significant problems:   - There was not enough testing. Period.  - We swapped the skin at the last minute and made it account bound, so that players wouldn’t keep trying to win. GMs tried to encourage players who had already won to let others win. But the joker ticket inventive was too high. So very good players kept winning anyway. - One of the main games had very bad bugs and had to be replaced, and there were issues overall that prevented the games from being very fun. - We had performance issues in full districts, so we eventually moved the events to a version of Financial with lower player caps. That led to lower amounts of people who could get in at a time, so we tried running the games more often to give as many players as possible a chance to win. - We didn’t have enough staff to run the events later in the evenings so that players with schedule conflicts would have a chance to join.   Overall, not great. Lots of lessons learned.   Going forward, I think these sorts of events are best left as one-off things we can do here and there for minor prizes. They don’t work for larger scale extended events, and I doubt we’ll do 1st place rewards like this, because there is a finite (small) amount of players who can actually win.   It has been proposed that we give out the Autumn Assault skin, which I’m not opposed to.   Tell me what you’d like to see happen.   Thanks, Matt