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Quick guide to painful RIOT

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Ugh... finally done with 10 wins achievement which was last on my list. I guess I share my general idea how to play this damn thing as a lot of people (even veteran) go into it without clue how it works:


1. Try to find any primary weapon (just in case if you get jumped) OR buy primary weapon for 2000$ (you will get it with each respawn so it's good investition) OR better secondary for 1000$ (I always didn't bought secondary cause FBW was more than enough in most cases)

2. Gather cash. (500$ for all teammates per cash stack)

3. Eventually RIOT codes should show up

4. Get one of them and start to arm RIOT devices. (1000$ for all teammates per RIOT device)

5. Get out of zone and approach other non-contaminated (you got minute before gas is deployed so it's not bad idea to grab cash surrounding you or check out if there is better weapon around - also you might find yourself being forced to traverse gas - if that's case... don't forget to grab some hazmat suit)

6. Look for district which don't have RIOT device - that's finale zone, where finale stage will be. There two strategies if you find finale zone either:

- You camp at the finale zone and pick off other teams approaching it (hard to do without position which gives you advantage, pay-offs when only couple of teams remain)

- You go to other non-contaminated districts and arm remaining RIOT devices for cash boost, hopefully opposition will wipe itself out (easier to do overall, might lead to problems in finale stage if other team camped at position with advantage)

7. Wait up until Redhill VAN appears.

8. Bribe the driver the most out of all teams AND survive to win. There are some advices which might lead you to win this stage:

- Being first at van doesn't mean that you are most likely to win. It might be completly opposite. You might find yourself spending all possible money on bribe as enemy team wipes you out. Even in finale, use money you got at disposal smart. Going for last minutes full-team attack might be good strategy to win, especially since most of teams gonna be either severely weakened or destroyed.

- You not only lose cash for respawn, you also lose half of your held money if you die. Be wary of that, you might provide cash for opposite teams to bribe driver.

- If you sure you gonna win but you are last of your team and have no cash for next respawn left, try to wait it out in hidden place. Be wary, enemies might get idea of your tactic to win.

- Sometimes it's not bad idea to go into contaminated zone to get to some well entrenched location. Be sure trip is short enough to not hurt you or have hazmat suits at you for that as you get damaged after 15 seconds which aids your enemies.

- 3 minutes before end, all items despawn from map. This is when primary weapon unlock pays off the most. If you don't have such or you can't afford one, make sure whatever happens with you that your weapon stays with you. You don't want enemy to gain upper hand over you just before end.

- While OPGL and OSMAWs are trash in pre-finale stage, they are very useful in finale. It's not bad idea to grab one if you know that finale zone will be in hard to reach place.


Good luck. And thanks to all teams who I took and they took me under wings. It was pleasure to play with all of you. Despite how this mode was broken.

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