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420 Smoke Grenade

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Forgive me for I am noob.


I've noticed a distinct ability to hold exposed objectives via kill box set ups.


For instance, I'm not a great player but I got 13 kills in a few minutes and won a mission by sniper camping a spray objective that was exposed to a large open area.


While you can, with team work, flank and eliminate enemy positions, I believe another option should be available.


A game I AM good at is War Thunder, and the counter to sniping Tank Destroyer campers is, you guessed it, smoke shells/canisters.

Either shot at their position to blind them or used for soft cover to conceal your movement.


I think the addition of deployable, volumetric smoke screens would be an unexpectedly massive change to gameplay tactics.


From grenades to rockets to even automatic rifle bullets... well maybe not the last one. That'd get outta hand.

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