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APB / Resident Evil Collaboration

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Hello everyone,


I have a suggestion for the game, it's about a collaboration between APB and Resident Evil, because as you know, lately there has been a new Resident Evil 2 remake, and other games such as PUBG mobile made a 'Resident Evil' style event, i thought that if APB does the same thing it would turn out a lot better (especially as a Halloween event) because fighting zombies in APB would be awesome since characters/NPCs in the game are detailed, so you guys could create zombie NPCs i think they would be detailed.


I'd like you to view it as a PvE type event, where players fight zombies together, and their main goal is to get as many zombie kills as possible, to get stuff like Resident Evil titles, character outfits, G1C(maybe 500-1000) and character slots, in addition to character rename, rewards like these will motivate people to play the game and will attract Resident Evil fans.


PS. If possible, making rewards such as the listed above in every/most events will attract more people to the game.


Thank You, for reading my suggestion and if you have any questions ask me.

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