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This is a follow-up post from this post here.



Hey everyone. I'd like to start off by saying thank you for all of the support towards me and my clan. We've recently surpassed 60 members, with a dedicated Officer team, and our more recent event was a massive hit, although I wish there would've been more lower-leveled players present. That's something to work out for next year!


I'd like to take this opportunity just to say that I'm absolutely shocked. This time a year ago, I was a nobody in the community- I had a reputation among RPers and ex-RPers alike, but nobody else really knew who I was. Since I've founded this clan, our name has been seen everywhere in the game, and over time the clan itself became my reason for playing FE when I was struggling to find any other reason. 


It's interesting talking to my Officers and them saying "Damn Ella, you do a hell of a good job!", or logging on to see a new member joined, and they're amazed because I - the founder - want to interact with them and offer them anything they need. I don't feel like a superior power, I feel like anyone else. However it's this leadership status that I've imposed on myself that's finally allowing me to achieve my goal of being a guide for others. 


With that being said, all good things must come to an end. Recent circumstances have resulted in the fact that I can no longer continue playing Fallen Earth, for the time being. I'm very lucky enough to have a second-in-command within the clan (Mac, that's you) who has very kindly accepted my offer to keep the clan running. Thus, Badger Mac is now officially the Director of Survivor's Refuge, and a new Co-Director is being decided. However, this does not mean that Survivor's Refuge is over. In fact, this is only just the beginning. You can expect much much more from us in the future, and I'll continue to work with the clan through Discord and on these forums to ensure that everything stays in working order. You just won't be seeing me around in-game for a while.


The recent Rally saw the attendance of about 30-40 people per day, coming and going, and the appearance of three GMs. This - considering the state of the game and it's population - is huge for me. Huge for us. I was half expecting the event to be a bust, but I let out a sigh of relief in Embry on Saturday when players started pooling in well before the event was due to start. If you attended the Rally, thank you.


I'd like to just remind you that there's a survey on the first post linked at the very top related to the Rally, and we'd appreciate it if you could fill it out, as it'll help us to improve it for next time in a few months, a year, whenever we decide to do it again. It was an exciting thing to be the lead for such a massive gathering, especially the first to see GM attendants in well over a few years. The Rally also proved one thing to me - if the right people come together, truly anything can happen. I'm just lucky enough I had the right people.


Speaking of people, I believe some thanks are in order:

  • Thank you to OP Hooligan for offering to co-host his Crafter's Market in association with the Rally. He helped a bunch with leading when I was struggling, and with giveaways too.
  • Thank you to Hazmat Lukasocz for offering to host his Scav and GORE bosses event with the Rally, which unfortunately never happened due to a bug in the game.
  • Thank you to Skrzyp and the Support Team Clan for providing us with help on the day. Your presence and help was especially noticed on day two when I couldn't be present.
  • Thank you to those GMs that kindly tagged along and hung out with us over the two days - it was truly a pleasurable experience to get to chill with you guys.
  • Thank you. Whether you're a Survivor's Refuge member or not, you're what makes this clan possible. Your support and encouragement keeps us going, and reaches massive lengths, giving us a reason to continue driving on with the little things that we do.


I'd like to also thank all of our donators:


Rangers Clan

TAO Clan

Vinnie Santorelli

Anonymous donator (requested to remain anonymous).

Badger Mac

Kayleigh Stanway

Ninja Princess

Pikey Bruthacuzin

Alice Shimada



Gorkleknabyen Hoffstadlerfeil (wow)




I wanted to copy our records of every donated item and chips, but forums isn't letting me insert the images which is odd. Anyway, thank you to everyone for your support, it's extremely appreciated and I love every single one of you.


If any of you have screenshots from the day, please feel free to post them in the comments, and expect to see more from Survivor's Refuge in the very near future.


Much love,

Ella Clinton, Founder of Survivor's Refuge. ❤️

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I Had A Great Time With You Guys ! Thanks For The Amazing Rally... You Guys Did And Awesome Job !

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Been gone for a long time and finding out about the new owner and company actually improving the game, I returned a couple weeks ago. Seeing the the invite to all I came on the idea to do some crafting but ended up having even more fun than I first thought. Made a couple new friends and some encouragement to keep playing. It was really great and I thank you for the time.

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