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The authors of Escape from Tarkov tried to block the YouTube channel for criticizing the game

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Videobloger accused the authors of the game of incompetence, which led to the leakage of user data .

In the community shooter Escape from Tarkov scandal. Video blogger under the nickname Erotic in mid-December said that because of the vulnerability in the game in the network leaked almost 2 million accounts. The blogger demonstrated how to log into one of the compromised accounts.

In response, the developers began to block his video and try to block the entire channel through the YouTube administration, which caused confusion on the part of the community. To explain the situation, the authors of the game released a refutation of all the information that distributed Erotic.


Escape from Tarkov
16 Dec 2018 at 18: 37
Let us comment on the situation around the Eroktic streamer.

It's difficult to blame the fact that we don't listen to the opinion of our users. We follow any feedback and take everything into account. In this case, unfortunately, we were forced to react harshly.

Recently, Eroktic decided to finally establish itself on the concept of a negative HYIP and began fiercely to support people who clearly designate their position to us as hostile. Eroktic released a video in which he harshly accused us of incompetence, and that thanks to her, the network has leaked almost two million data access profiles. It was based on the document of another person, which described how it was possible to get the usual information about the profile through the rating (nickname, ID, statistics from the table of ratings). However, after our inspection we made sure that there were no leaks. Eroktic began to spread the rumor that cheaters can steal your account and you will be banned for cheats. All this did not correspond and does not correspond to reality. 

Not having had time to fully evaluate our further actions, Eroktic released the following video and tried to make this show, broadcasting a video from YouTube, allegedly proving that the leak was and that already banned 90% of all game profiles. Again, in the most disrespectful and cynical manner. We investigated and made sure that this video is a complete lie. According to fragmentary data from the video we have found out which accounts loginlist the attacker. After a search, we found that all the data of all three accounts shown is freely available on the Internet, namely merged a year ago, the base of a well-known game. Why came it? Because very often users use the same passwords and e-mails everywhere. We have taken drastic measures, forcibly resetting passwords to those accounts that we found on the Internet in the merged databases of other games + additionally began the process of strengthening the security profiles in CASE of real threats.

By this time, the negative information background created because of Eroktic has led to a sufficiently large number of messages of alarmed users and, also, to other provocative and speculative messages of ill-wishers who want to fulfill themselves. It was decided to contact youtube about the video on the channel Eroktic, because this ongoing flow of disinformation and hatred had to stop. Moreover-we did not want and do not want this character to be associated with our game at all, thanks to his destructive actions, which can not be classified as "criticism". For a long time Eroktic spoke negatively about our project, the company and the players and the last actions he crossed the line.

The relationship between the developer and the players is always based on mutual trust and respect. We would like to once again inform you about our position - on lies, provocations, cheating, destructive behavior, etc.we will always react harshly.
We would like to ask you not to succumb to the provocative actions of various persons, not to believe everything they write is unproven. Thank you for listening.



Representatives of Escape from Tarkov noted that everything said by the streamer is not true, and assured that they have taken additional measures to protect user accounts.

"After a search, we found that all the data of all three accounts shown is freely available on the Internet, namely in the merged database a year ago, a well-known game. Why came it? Because very often users use the same passwords and e — mails everywhere," the statement said.

Users have accused the authors of the game that they abuse the functionality of YouTube in order to fight criticism. However, the developers said that Eroktic has long been spreading misinformation and its actions " crossed the line."

Now Eroktic has removed most of the videos about Escape from Tarkov from his channel.

In Escape from Tarkov undergoing closed beta testing, which runs from July 2017. The alpha test began in August 2016. The exact release date is still unknown.



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