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[Game] Deployable Snowman

Christmas Poll  

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  1. 1. Deployable Snowmans?

    • Yes! Would be cool.
    • No... we don't need them.

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Hello people! I would like to share another idea for christmas.

Whats about having deployable snowmen? It could be a item that you can only use during christmas time.


Either it could be a orange modification similar to the display banner:



Or it could be a yellow modification similar to the shield:




I am not sure if the snowman should get any special feature, so here are a few ideas from no feature till protection similar to the shield:

Version 1:

  • No Hitbox
  • You can run through it
  • You can shoot through it

Version 2:

  • Hitbox for players
  • You can shoot through it, but also damage the snowman

Version 3:

  • Hitbox for player and bullets
  • Similar to the shield but gets destroyed faster

Maybe even something totally different?



Example Pictures:





The main idea behind that suggestion is to have a few more different christmas things instead of only players outfit and snowballs and HOHOPGL.

It shouldn't be something totally game changing. If there are any question feel free to ask also I would like to hear your opinions!

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Added poll, cuz I like polls, ok?
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