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19 hours ago, ezmegaz68 said:

colin mcrae's no fear gold subaru


Nice superboo. I have a blue one somebody gave me once, the word subaru is backwards on one side because whoever made it included the word with the logo then mirrored it on the other door, it's only a normal 2 slot han veo too, I might as well sell it. What I want is a Coywolf but the only one you can buy at the moment comes with a name and pre set mods and red paint so I don't think you can paint it. When I bought the Vegas 4x4 I'm sure there was a plain grey coywolf with no mods you could customise. Pointless saving up JT for a gun, it'll be 2030 by the time i have enough.

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Death Proof

Macchina Calabria 327

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On 9/14/2022 at 1:41 PM, ElectroStingz said:

Response Paramedic












And the AMB in action



Seeing this makes me sad that we dont have the ambulance as a personal vehicle

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